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What Is An Unlisted Public Company?

A public company which is not listed in the stock exchange is known as an unlisted company. This means that an unlisted company is not suitable to get listed in the stock exchange. The unlisted public companies can have a large number of shareholders for raising their capital for profitable purpose. Unlisted company’s shares are in huge demand in India. Many of the unlisted company shares are in demand due to its upcoming IPO, example MSEI unlisted Shares (Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India Unlisted Shares).

Difference between Unlisted Company & Listed Company?

A Public Unlisted Shares Is Not Listed On Stock Exchange, Whereas A Listed Public Company Is Listed On Stock Exchange Such As BSE Or NSE For Trading Of Shares.

Examples of unlisted companies

Hero Fincorp, Tata Technologies, HDB Financial Services Etc.

Examples of listed companies

SBI, HDFC BANK, Tata steel

How to Buy Unlisted Shares?

Follow These Simple Steps and Buy Unlisted Shares –
• Firstly, You Need To Create Or Have A Demat Account To Buy Unlisted Share, If You Don’t Have One We Will Help You Create One!
• Send Your Pan Number, Address And Demat Account Number To Us.
• Select The Unlisted Shares You Want To Purchase.
• Transfer The Money To Our Bank Account And We Will Transfer You The Unlisted Shares.

The minimum amount need to invest in a single firm is ₹50,000. To invest in a diversified portfolio, the minimum investment needed is ₹1,00,000

Yes, we will help you find a buyer however, we do not guarantee the same. Note that you are also free to sell these shares on your own.

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